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Teaching really impressed upon me the importance of the community and relationships for mental and physical health and wellbeing.  We need spaces in our communities where residents are able to connect and to build the relationships that will make Croydon stronger and the Love Lane Community Garden (pictured) is just one example of how this works. I am keen to support the many amazing initiatives which aim to build connection and support good mental wellbeing in Woodside, from the amazing work of the team at South Norwood Community Kitchen, building space to connect and empowering people to thrive at Socco Cheta, to the team of volunteers who keep South Norwood Parkun running each Saturday. I feel extremely fortunate to have such wealth in Woodside.

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I firmly believe we need to tackle road danger in Croydon and have been horrified by local stories of people's experiences of dangerous driving and criminal behaviour on our streets.  I've seen how our streets can be transformed when they are made safer and more welcoming to people. One excellent example is the Council's School Streets programme. I am proud to be one of Croydon's elected representatives at the London Road Safety Council and will look forward to working with colleagues to tackle road violence across the capital.



Working in schools across London for nearly a decade, I learned that access to decent, safe housing is an issue that can affect everything from parents' mental health to children's school attendance. I am a member of Croydon Council's Streets, Environment and Homes Scrutiny Sub-Committee and we are committed to ensuring residents lead the way as we seek to find a new housing repairs service for the borough.  Please let me know if you are a Council tenant and have been affected by or are struggling with housing repairs. My casework email is



Street cleanliness is an issue that comes up again and again across Woodside. I know that residents want more; we want our bins collected on time and our streets to be free of dog-fouling and fly-tipping. I am grateful to all the residents who help the Council act on these issues by reporting them on the Clean Streets app but I want to see better enforcement of offences, such as dog fouling, so we can all be proud of Woodside.

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I want to see the Portland Road continue to flourish and thrive and for our high street to be easy to access for walking and wheeling. I love being so close to the Portland Road; from our Friday night swimming lessons with the team at Woodside Swimming Club, to being pampered on my visits to Nix, it's rare a day goes by without a visit to one of its businesses. I can't wait to catch a movie at Screen 25 when they're move to Socco Cheta is complete. However, I want to see the Portland Road made more accessible and more inviting through further healthy streets improvements.